Nomination Criteria

Nominees for the St. Louis Walk of Fame must fulfill two main criteria:

  1. They must have been born in St. Louis or have spent their formative or creative years here.
  2. Their accomplishments must have had a NATIONAL impact on our cultural heritage.

Many accomplished St. Louisans qualify for one but not the other condition. Perhaps he or she did not reside in the St. Louis area long enough to be firmly associated with the city or did not spend formative or creative years here. Perhaps due to the nature of the person’s work, his or her contributions and achievements did not have a national impact, even though the impact locally was immense.

Nomination Process

There are approximately 250 great St. Louisans from the past and present on the list of nominees. They represent national luminaries from fields such as art, music, architecture, literature, journalism, civil rights, education, science, political activism, sports, acting, entertainment and broadcasting.

Anyone may participate in the nomination process. Simply send a letter to the St. Louis Walk of Fame office with the name, date and place of birth and a short history of the person you wish to nominate. Include the person’s St. Louis connection and a description of his or her NATIONAL impact.

Nominations Committee
St. Louis Walk of Fame
6504 Delmar in The Loop
St. Louis, MO 63130-4501

Selection Process

120 St. Louisans are on the Walk of Fame selection committee.
The committee includes the chancellors of all area universities; key people from local libraries, arts organizations and historical societies; media journalists; and other citizens of all races, ethnicities, genders, and backgrounds with an informed understanding of St. Louis’ cultural heritage.

Ballots are mailed to selection committee members in the summer of each year and the new inductees are announced the following spring.