Location and Star Map

The St. Louis Walk of Fame’s brass stars and informative plaques are set in the sidewalks along the 6000–6600 blocks of Delmar Boulevard in the vibrant Delmar Loop, designated “One of the 10 Great Streets in America” by the American Planning Association. Centrally located in the St. Louis metropolitan area, The Loop offers a rich cultural experience while one browses the St. Louis Walk of Fame, with over 140 specialty shops including restaurants, galleries, unique gift stores, music and book stores, clothing boutiques, live music spaces and performing arts venues.

The Loop is easily accessible from four major highways and from the Delmar Loop MetroLink station. Ample parking, including for tour and school buses, is available throughout this historic district making this unique, free Walk available to all for enjoyment and education.

A map of the Delmar Loop Arts & Entertainment district in St. Louis, MO. It shows a long street in turquoise with different buildings in different colors. It has lines showing what the different restaurants and boutiques and music Venus are. It shows stars along the street where the St. Louis Walk of Fame stars are set into the sidewalks.