About The Walk of Fame

The St. Louis Walk of Fame is a nonprofit organization founded in 1988 to provide a showcase for the cultural heritage of St. Louis and to advance the knowledge, awareness and appreciation of great St. Louisans and their accomplishments. Its mission is also to encourage pride in the community and career inspiration in individuals.

The Walk of Fame consists of brass stars and bronze plaques embedded in the sidewalks of the Delmar Loop to honor people from the St. Louis area who have made major national contributions to our cultural heritage. Each star features the name of an honoree and the accompanying plaque contains a biography summarizing his or her achievements and connection to the city. These informative plaques distinguish the St. Louis Walk of Fame from similar projects throughout the country and make ours educational as well as entertaining.

The St. Louis Walk of Fame highly values education and donates copies of its book to the libraries of all St. Louis metropolitan area junior high schools and high schools where they are used for school projects, research projects and reading for plain enjoyment. One will frequently see school field trips in The Loop making chalk rubbings of the plaques on paper for their projects.

The Walk provides examples of role models from all walks of life and areas of achievement – everyone can identify with somebody on it who stirs motivation in them.

Please enjoy this book and come visit the St. Louis Walk of Fame – it’s free, open all year round and easily accessible. I hope that it gives you knowledge, inspiration and great pleasure.

Joe Edwards,