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The St. Louis Walk of Fame’s induction ceremonies are lively, entertaining and frequently moving. A live band plays ragtime and Dixieland jazz, setting the celebratory mood. Presenters and accepting inductees delight the crowd with their words which have been spoken in all sorts of styles. Comedienne Phyllis Diller and baseball great Yogi Berra each had the audience doubled over in laughter. Olympic athlete Jackie Joyner‑Kersee and author and professor Gerald Early gave profound, stirring speeches. Jazz musician Clark Terry pulled out his fluegelhorn and began playing.

Inductees have said that being inducted into their hometown’s Walk of Fame is a particularly special honor to receive in their careers. Whether the ceremonies are larger like those from 1989 through 2004 with five to ten inductees and a keynote speaker, or whether they’re more intimate like the ceremonies since then that honor and focus on one inductee, St. Louis’ culture and history are celebrated and everyone is invited.  

“With support from the Regional Arts Commission.” 


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